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Last month, Inc. magazine surveyed the founders of Inc. 500 companies who had launched successful start-ups in the midst of the economic collapse of 2008 to see what drove them to start a company in such a shaky economy. Only 4% cited the loss of a job as a factor in their decision to start their own company. As for the rest, 50% said they had an idea for a business model that would do well in an economic downturn, and a full 46% said they were aware of the increased risk posed by a teetering economy but decided to take it anyway because “I’m an optimist and this is my dream.” Some examples of the cock-eyed optimist crowd: Larry Borden launched Aardvark Event Logistics two months after Lehman Brothers collapsed and six months before his second child was due. Chris Pershing, the sole provider of a family of five, walked […]

I keep reading and hearing that the things I want to do as a lawyer are impossible: Open my own practice straight out of law school. Offer affordable legal services to low- and middle-income clients while supporting my heavily debt-laden self financially. Raise a family while maintaining a thriving career. Any number of things, really. It is sometimes hard not to listen. Even if I shrug it off at a conscious level, deep down in my bones is a terror that keeps me up at night. It is all well and good to go through law school and job interviews talking about one’s interest in providing legal services to people who need them blablabla. But when you sit down to try to define concrete actionable steps toward that goal, you start to realize you have no idea what you are doing. But I—you—can’t listen. Don’t listen to the voices that say […]