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Tonight I had dinner with a law school classmate and her friend from college, who is now a third-year associate at a big firm in San Francisco. We had barely been at our table for two minutes before she began to talk about her dreams of opening up a flower shop. “How long have you been at the firm?” I asked. “Two and a half years.” “Oh, that’s early to want out. Most of the people I know want to leave after four years or so.” “Not at my firm. More like one year.” She had recently spent three months working on a famous case between a Silicon Valley heavyweight and a foreign competitor. “Oh cool. What did you do for the case?” “Discovery.” When I asked what she worked on after that case, she said, “Nothing.” For the next several months she billed one or two hours a day, […]

I’m 6 months into starting my own practice out of law school and the emotions have been world-beater elation one day followed by my wife taking me off the ledge the next. (Source: Comment, “I Just Want to Practice Law Postmortem,” Starting any kind of business is an emotional roller coaster. The most blasé entrepreneurs I know have resorted to medication to handle the stress that comes with starting a practice. I don’t recommend medication, but learning to control the anxiety is critical. Going solo is hard enough, but doing it right out of law school can seem impossible and terrifying. Below are some strategies for quelling anxiety. Focus on the present, not the past or the future Take one day at a time. Don’t worry about the future. Plan for it and prepare for it, but don’t get anxious over it. A man who suffers before it is necessary […]